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Prior to receiving your Juice Shop cleanse, it's important that you prepare your body properly in order to make this process as easy as possible, making a few changes 3 days before the cleanse for optimal results.

It’s also a good idea to check with your primary care provider to see if The Juice Cleanse is appropriate for you.

We recommend to refraining from:

- Refined sugars & faked Sugars
- Process foods “fast foods”
- White starches and grains
- Wheat products such as bread and pastry
- Alcohol 
- Tobacco 
- Coffee 
- Fatty foods 
- Milk, cheese and eggs
- Red meat, chicken, pork and Raw Fish
- Soda and carbonated beverages
- Recreational drugs
- Animal based protein powders

• Beans and legumes
• Cabbage
• Cooked fish
• Organic chicken and eggs
• Green tea or caffeine beverages
• Kambucha other culture drinks

Go For It:
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Grains like “Quinoa, millet and brown rice, nuts like almonds, cashews & Brazilian nuts are usually good”
• Use sweeteners like agave, raw honey, maple syrup or brown rice syrup
• Filtered Water
• Herbals tea
• Apple cider vinegar

Prepare the Body to get well:

Preparing the body means lowering the allergic or toxic load. Check your environment and eliminate sources of toxins, molds, and fungi. Inspect gas stoves and furnaces to ensure there are no fumes or leaks. Use earth-friendly, less toxic household cleaners, cosmetic and personal care products. Avoid exposure to radiation.


Exercise is always a good idea. It gets your lymphatic system moving, your skin sweating, and your lungs making detoxifying breaths. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise, four times a week, but if you don’t have the energy, it's better to stay in, laying on your back and try to relax. The first few days of your cleanse, you will feel tired, moody, experience headaches, and sometimes feel out of place, but don’t worry, that means that better things are coming for your health. If you feel like this, it means that your toxins are coming out and the benefits of the juices are kicking in!!

Make sure that you are drinking at least eight cups of water a day between juices - this can include herbal tea. A lot of the time when you feel tired and achy, it’s due to dehydration. Try our waters, our Chlorophyll H2O water, or Master Cleanse, these waters will make you feel hydrated, and will help you through the detox process and healing process.


You will receive six juices per day. Your drinks are designed to be consumed in a specific order.

When you wake in the morning, have a warm glass of water with a half of lemon. Do some light stretching and enjoy your first juice. Consume the rest of your juices in two to two-and-a-half hour intervals.

Make sure that you are still drinking water throughout the day to wash out toxins as they are being removed from your body. The more water that you drink, and the more that you sweat, you are less likely to suffer from side effects as your body cleanses.

The final juice of the day is formulated specifically to help you sleep and should be consumed at least two hours before bed. While you are on the cleanse, you will need to be getting at least seven hours of sleep every night in order to support the healing and elimination process.

Chia Seeds:
Each day of your cleanse, you receive a package of chia seeds. Add the chia seeds to the Citrus Glow and the Turmeric Tonic, shake and let it seat for couple minutes and shake again before to drink. Chia is an excellent source of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The chia will help cleanse your digestive system while providing you with a clean source of protein and fat. Just add the chia seed to a juice or chew on it before or after.


This part is a important as the fast itself, and more important in some ways, in that if you break it with a big burger, steak, or pizza, you could harm your body and undo the good that you did for your body, and you could even end up with a terrible stomach-ache.

You've reset your detoxification system, giving your body the rest that it needs and are now off to a fresh start. You'll notice that unhealthy refined foods no longer have the same appeal, You'll be feeling so alert and energetic that you won't want to go back to your previous sugary snacks and morning coffee.

Eat vegetables, nuts, and seeds, a little low-sugar fruit, and some vegetable soups for a day or two after you fast and make sure to eat plenty of those foods raw.

Chew everything well, take your time, let your digestive system gradually return to normal. After the fast, the toxins that have been released may still be finding the way out through channels of elimination, especially the colon, so its best not to add too much food back into your diet right away, and certainly not heavy animal proteins that are hard to digest.

Introduce to heavy foods like proteins back into your diet very slowly in small portions. You will probably find that you want less food, You’ll need to ease back into solid foods. The best way is to eat light, mostly raw plant-based meals, as well as one or two juices daily for about three days. Keep hydrating, stretching, and breathing!


- Cleanse with a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband/wife to make it more exciting & easy
- Try to keep yourself busy and don’t think about solid foods
- Dry skin brushing is also good at this time, as it allow toxins to escape through the skin, which is the largest organ of eliminating toxins. Get a natural-bristle bath brush and brush the skin in an upward motion, brush from feet to hand and clockwise on your stomach
- Try a dry or infrared sauna to sweat out more toxins
- Try aroma-therapy before you go to sleep, put a couple drops of eucalyptus or lavender in your sheets, blankets and pillows
- Get a massage
- Take a bath in chamomile bath to help you to relax after a long day
- Take a short nap or a rest break. Sleep more than usual during fast
- Yoga is a good option practice some breathing exercises, meditation classes, and try to reduce stress as much is possible
- Take plenty of deep breaths
- Take care of your body and soul, rest, and read a good book

Remember that your body is your temple and you have to treat it with the most respect