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  1. Tapis Rouge

    Tapis Rouge

    Get camera ready for your special day! This 48-hour cleanse is designed to make you look and feel your best for that important event by ridding your system of excess water weight and bloat $45x day only 2 days - Doctor Verde - Total Greens - Fuel Formula - Bright Greens - Chlorophyll water - Shot of MSM Learn More

    Starting at: $50.00

  2. Green Pack

    Green Pack

    The green pack is all our green goodness! Juices included in this pack: Total Greens, Doctor Verde, Skin Complex, Skinny Greens, Bright Greens, The Fighter, Fuel Formula, and Good Night. Learn More

    Starting at: $81.00

  3. Party Save

    Party Save

    This is our most delicious party mixers you will ever get for your Champagne, Vodka or tequila... Learn More

    Starting at: $40.00

  4. Bridal Cleanse

    Bridal Cleanse

    You’ve been waiting for this day your whole life! You’ve planned and prepped for months to make sure that your wedding day will turn out exactly as you dreamt it would. Learn More

    Starting at: $43.00

  5. The Beauty SKIN

    The Beauty SKIN

    Beauty is best achieved from the inside out, considering our skin is a reflection of our total body well-being. Learn More

    Starting at: $40.00

  6. Alkalizer Cleanse

    Alkalizer Cleanse

    Alkalize your body, balance your PH, feel lighter, The pH perspective takes into account how our digestive system works and how it contributes to blood and tissues that are healthfully alkaline. Learn More

    Starting at: $40.00

  7. Liver Cleanse

    Liver Cleanse

    The largest and most complex internal organ in the human body. It performs hundreds of task every minute of every day. Learn More

    Starting at: $45.00

  8. Immunity


    When sickness strikes, arm yourself with the ultimate Get Well Cleanse! Includes all the vital ingredients to help strengthen your immune system and fight off unwanted bacteria. Learn More

    Starting at: $55.00

  9. PMS


    Hormonal imbalance, Hot flashes, not enough sleep? This is an amazing packed that will help you to feel and sleep better Learn More

    Starting at: $43.00

  10. Hangover Cure

    Hangover Cure

    The perfect cure for even the toughest hangover, this program is rich in electrolytes to ease the pangs of dehydration. Learn More

    Starting at: $40.00

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